Friday, July 25, 2014

"Max Steel"

Sneak Peek more images from "Max Steel", the new feature based on the Mattel action figure line, directed by Stewart Hendler, starring Ben Winchell, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia and Mike Doyle.

"It’s very much designed to be grounded within the teen experience," said Hendler about the new film:

"'Max Steel' is an origin story following  'Max McGrath' who suddenly begins generating massive energy bursts from his body. Max meets a 'techno-organic' alien named 'Steel' and the two form a symbiotic bond that keeps their individual energies under control..."

"Neither of them can live without the other," said Hendler, "and they drive each other crazy. But when they work together, they can actually be something cool..."

Created internally by Mattel, the "Max Steel" franchise spans multi-platform entertainment, toys and consumer products.

The Max Steel line of action figures produced by Mattel initially sought to emulate Hasbro's original 12-inch 'G.I. Joe' toys. The property was then developed into an animated TV series airing from 2000 to 2002, as well as featured in 9 direct-to-video animated films, released every year from 2004-2012. Another "Max Steel" CG-animated series debuted March 2013 on Disney XD with a new toy line accompanying the series.

Originally, the character was teenager 'Josh McGrath' who has an accident involving 'N-Tek nanoprobes' that infiltrate his body, enabling him to transform at will (like the original 'Captain Marvel') into the athletic super-powered adult, 'Max Steel'.

In the 2013 TV series reboot, the main character is renamed 'Maxwell MacGrath' aka 'Max'. When he is in 'turbo mode' he is known as 'Max Steel' because he combines with an ultralink robotic companion named 'Steel'.

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