Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The Walking Dead": 'Daryl Dixon' Talks Season 5

Take another look @ McFarlane Toys', now sold out "Daryl Dixon Figure & Motorcycle Deluxe Box Set", from the AMC 'zombie' TV series "The Walking Dead", in the 3D scanned likeness of actor Norman Reedus:

"These scripts are the best scripts so far, and I’m really just excited to be back at it," said Reedus about currently shooting Season 5 of the ultraviolent 'zombie' TV series. 

"...'Daryl Dixon' with his trusty Triumph Bonneville chopper, includes 20 points of articulation, with a hunting knife and updated crossbow, in the first vehicle produced for "The Walking Dead" action figure line.

"The original sculpt portrays Daryl in his angel wings stitched biker vest on top of his brother Merle's black motorcycle including a lightning bolt insignia on the tank, skull decal, and saddlebags..."

"There are a lot of characters right now, so there are a lot of really different personalities on set. And it’s super interesting, everyone’s really bringing it. It’s going great. It’s so dynamic because it’s so fast-paced and so complicated. It’s great to be back.

"Everybody on the whole team is so badass right now. It’s interesting, because a lot of personalities are clashing, or characters’ personalities are clashing. But yeah, we definitely have 'Rick' back..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Norman Reedus as 'Daryl Dixon' from "The Walking Dead"...