Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 Updates

Sneak Peek new images from Season 5 of AMC's "The Walking Dead", plus take another look @ "The Walking Dead" showrunner Scott Gimple interviewed on "Larry King Now", revealing more spoiler insights about the next season, debuting the first of new episodes October 13, 2014:

When asked if the new episodes would take place right after the Season 4 finale Gimple said, "That is a fair question...I would say, 'It would be very difficult with such a cliffhanger to skip over what happens next.' You know, right next..."

When asked if the fate of 'Beth'would be revealed in Season 5, Gimple replied, "Absolutely."

A fan of Robert Kirkman's comic book series "The Walking Dead", Gimple confirmed that the new season will "...continue to be a remix. There’ll be stuff that you’ll see...that’s directly from the pages of the comics. And then, you’ll see things that are like...inspired by the comics...a whole remix of what was there."

"'Terminus', as we know, is a compound that has a good amount of people that are very, very formidable."

"I do not believe there will be a power struggle in the box car, but moving into the season, I think that’s a great question to ask..."

"Who the people of 'Terminus' are and what their deal is will be dealt with fairly quickly when we come back for season five," said "The Walking Dead" creator and executive producer of the series, Robert Kirkman.

The Season finale "A", saw 'Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) finally reaching the supposed safe haven 'Terminus' with 'Carl', 'Michonne' and 'Daryl', after a deadly run-in with human predators.

But the residents of  Terminus opened fire on the group, herding them into a stationary boxcar.

Despite Rick's group being reunited with 'Glenn', 'Maggie', 'Sasha' and 'Bob', there were still some prisoners missing, leading to the speculation of 'cannibalism', per the comic book series.

"We kind of felt like we needed more unknowns to keep people guessing," said Kirkman. "Leaving the fate of 'Beth' and 'Carol' and 'Tyreese' and 'Judith' completely ambiguous... gives us that."

"I can say that Terminus has a lot of signs out there and it’s certainly possible that all kinds of different people out there could make their way to Terminus in some way, so maybe Beth shows up to Terminus in Season 5… maybe not. I think I can say that Beth’s story is not over. We’ll see her again..."

In other news, actors Alana Masterson, Christian Serratos and Andrew J. West  will become series regulars. Masterson plays 'Tara', a woman who met up with the 'Governor' following Woodbury’s fall. Since she lost her family she has become attached to Glenn. Serratos is 'Rosita' and West plays 'Gareth', head of the group living at Terminus.

"Seeing Gareth and Rick and the people of Terminus and our survivors go head-to-head is going to be interesting," said Kirkman.  

"There is a very deep, dark and storied history to Terminus and how these people came to be that will be revealed in season five..."

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