Friday, December 13, 2013

"Terminator: Genesis" Updates

According to reports, a popular lead actress from HBO's "Game Of Thrones" has been cast as 'Sarah Connor' in the developing "Terminator" feature film reboot, "Terminator: Genesis", to be released by Paramount June 26, 2015, as the first film in a new stand-alone trilogy.

Emilia Clarke, who plays 'Daenerys Targaryen' on "Game Of Thrones" has been cast as 'Sarah Connor', the mother of freedom fighter 'John Connor' in the new film.

"The Terminator" released in 1984, was inspired by themes and premises by science fiction author Harlan Ellison, then scripted by Gale Anne Hurd and James Cameron, with direction by Cameron.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played the 'Terminator', a 'cyborg' sent back in time from the year 2029 to 1984 to kill 'Sarah Connor' (Linda Hamilton). 

'Kyle Reese' (
Michael Biehn), a soldier from the future, is sent back in time to protect Sarah, so that her unborn son could lead the future resistance forces.

Three sequels were produced including "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991), "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" (2003), and "Terminator Salvation" (2009).

The TV series spin-off, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" aired in 2008.

In 2008, "The Terminator" was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

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