Saturday, November 02, 2013

"The Avenger" TV Pilot

According to reports, The CW has started development on a TV series based on the 1939 pulp magazine hero, 'The Avenger', that was also adapted as the DC Comics 1975 mini-series "Justice Inc.", written/illustrated by Jack Kirby.

Instead of a male protagonist, producers Neil Baer ("Under The Dome") and Conde Nast Entertainment will develop the series with Deric Hughes and Benjamin Raab writing the pilot script for a female lead:

The new series will follow 'Alice Benson', who in the wake of her parents' murder, discovers she possesses a superpower as a result of genetic 'bio-hacking' which allows her to transform her appearance at will.

The series will follow Alice as she investigates her parent's death and how she acquired her 'meta-human' abilities.

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