Friday, October 04, 2013

"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" - October 8, 2013

Sneak Peek the Anchor Bay Canada/Muse Entertainment release of the 2011 TV movie, "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow", written by Joe Wiesenfeld, starring Brent Carer, Rachelle Lefere and Paul Lemelin, available on DVD, October 8, 2013:

"...'Ichabod Crane' is the new school teacher in the quiet, rural village of 'Sleepy Hollow'. 

"Determined to win the hand of the rich and beautiful 'Katrina Van Tassel', Ichabod must contend with local blacksmith 'Brom Bones', who is also vying for the lady's hand.

"After Brom tries to scare off Ichabod by pretending to be 'The Headless Horseman', a local ghost and campfire legend, the town is beseiged by the actual Headless Horseman..."

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