Friday, October 18, 2013

"Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane"

Sneak Peek a series of amusing 'Silver Age' comic book covers showcasing DC Comics' award-winning journalist 'Lois Lane', the primary love interest of 'Superman'.

Lois Lane's physical appearance was originally based on 'Joanne Carter', a model hired by Siegel and Shuster, with Siegel eventually marrying Carter. 

The character's personality was based on 'Torchy Blane', a beautiful headline-hunting reporter, portrayed by actress Lola Lane in a series of films from the 1930's.

Depictions of Lois Lane have varied since her character was created in 1938, spanning the 70-year history of Superman comics and other media adaptations. 

During the Silver Age, she was the star of "Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane".

However, the original Golden Age version of Lois, as well as versions of her from the 1970's onwards, portrays Lois as a tough-as-nails journalist and intellectual equal to Superman. 

She has always been the most prominent love interest in Superman's life and is seen by many fans as the archetypical comic book love interest.

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