Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Duck Dynasty" Season Finale

The Season 4 finale of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" is the Halloween-themed special "Quack O'Lanterns", airing October 23, 2013:

"...the church can't host their annual trick or treat event so the Robertsons offer to hold the event at 'Duck Commander'. 

"They all come together to decorate the warehouse and transform it into a 'scarehouse'.

"Everyone dresses up and Willie desperately tries to be the scariest, but none of the kids are afraid of him. 

"Meanwhile, Kay is decorating her house for Halloween and enlists the youngest kids to help her.

"When they try to get Phil into the Halloween spirit, Phil puts his own twist on Halloween decorating by making a jack-o-lantern with a shotgun..."

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