Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Breaking Bad": 'Heisenberg' Action Figure

Previously sold-out, but now back in stock for a January 2014 delivery, Sneak Peek and order the official, collectible "Breaking Bad" action figure in the laser-scanned likeness of actor Bryan Cranston as 'Walter White' aka drug lord 'Heisenberg':

"...'Heisenberg'...If you're a follower of AMC's "Breaking Bad" TV series, you must own this "Breaking Bad" 'Walt' as Heisenberg 6-Inch Action Figure! Walter White's alter ego comes with a removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash and a bag of blue crystals !..."

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Previously sold out, but now back in stock for an October 2013 delivery, Sneak Peek and order the "Breaking Bad" 'Walter White in Hazmat Suit Bobble Head':

"...the blue-crystal kingpin. This unforgettable 'Breaking Bad Walt in Hazmat Suit Bobble Head' features 'Walter White' from AMC's TV show 'Breaking Bad' in his yellow hazmat suit. Sporting a freshly shaved head, Walter stands 6-inches tall and looks victorious..."

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