Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things Are Looking "Grimm"

Sneak Peek the next issue of Dynamite Entertainment's adaptation of the NBC TV series "Grimm", in "Grimm" #5, available September 11, 2013, written by David Greenwalt and illustrated by Jose Malaga, with a cover by Lucio Parillo.

The "Grimm" TV series is an American police procedural fantasy drama, following 'Detective Nick Burkhardt' of the Portland Police Bureau who learns he is descended from a line of 'guardians' known as 'Grimms', charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world called 'Wesen'. 

Throughout the series, he must battle against an assortment of dangerous creatures, with help from reformed creature 'Monroe' and his partner 'Detective Hank Griffin':

" 'Grimm' #5, on the run with his mother and 'Maya', 'Nick' must find his lost companions and regain the 'Coins of Zakynthos'. 'Hank', 'Monroe' and 'Lazlo' may already have them within arm's reach.

"...but as the coins get closer, everyone's true motivations are revealed - and not everyone will make it out alive..." 

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