Sunday, September 22, 2013

Footage From "Breaking Bad: Felina" - September 29, 2013

Sneak Peek footage from the final 75-minute episode in the AMC series "Breaking Bad", titled "Felina", written and directed by "Breaking Bad" series creator Vince Gilligan, airing September 29, 2013.

Before "Breaking Bad", Gilligan wrote for Chris Carter's Fox series "The X-Files", wanting to create a new series in which the protagonist became the antagonist. 

His goal was to turn 'Walter White' from a mild-mannered 'Mr. Chips' into 'Scarface'. 

The concept evolved when Gilligan talked with his fellow writer Thomas Schnauz, and they joked regarding the solution to their own unemployment was "putting a meth lab in the back of an RV and driving around the country cooking meth and making money."

As the series has progressed, Gilligan and the writing staff of "Breaking Bad" have made Walter increasingly unsympathetic.

"He's going from being a protagonist to an antagonist," said Gilligan. "We want to make people question who they're pulling for, and why."

"I think Walt's figured out it's better to be a pursuer than the pursued," said actor Bryan Cranston about his character 'Walter White'. "He's well on his way to badass."

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