Monday, September 09, 2013

"Breaking Bad" Toy 'Meth Lab'

Sneak Peek images from the outrageous new "Breaking Bad" toy 'industrial meth lab', fashioned to look like a LEGO playset, marketed under the name "Bricking Bad".

The 500 brick 'kit' comes with a 'Walter White' figure with protective masks, drug paraphernalia and a recreation of the RV used by the series' characters to 'cook up' the deadly drug.

In the popular AMC crime series, chemistry teacher 'Walter White' tries to raise money for his family's future when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. White enlists the help of a former pupil 'Jesse Pinkman' to help him produce and market the stuff.

Also included in the kit are figurines of drug boss 'Gustavo Fring' and police officer 'Mike Ehrmantraut'.

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