Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Breaking Bad: Felina"

Sneak Peek more footage from the final 75-minute episode in the AMC series "Breaking Bad", titled "Felina", written and directed by "Breaking Bad" series creator Vince Gilligan, airing September 29, 2013. 

The title means 'Fe'=iron, 'Li'=lithium and 'Na'=sodium or 'Felina' which is 'Blood, Meth and Tears'.

The song playing over the "Felina" promo is "Line of Fire" by the Swedish band Junip:

"What would you do
If it all came back to you
Each crest of each wave
Bright as lightning
What would you say
If you had to leave today
Leave everything behind
Even though for once you're shining...

"If put to the test

Would you step back from the line of fire
Hold everything back
All emotions and desires...

"Convince yourself to be someone else

And hold back from the world
Your lack of confidence...

"What you choose to believe in
Dictates your rise or your fall
Dictates your rise or your fall..."

"I think Walt's figured out it's better to be a pursuer than the pursued," said actor Bryan Cranston about his character 'Walter White'. "He's well on his way to badass."

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