Friday, September 27, 2013

Vincent Cassel: "Beauty and the Beast"

Sneak Peek the first images from "Brotherhood of The Wolf" director Christophe Gans' latest feature, "Beauty and the Beast" ("La belle & la bête"), to be released through Warner Bros Fine Line Features, February 12, 2014:

Cast includes Vincent Cassel as 'La Bête', Léa Seydoux as 'La Belle', and André Dussollier as 'le père'.

"I will keep to a form of storytelling of this timeless fairy tale that is in keeping with the same pace and characters as the original," said Gans.

"I will surprise the audience by creating a completely new visual universe never experienced before and produce images of an unparalleled quality. 

"Every single one of my movies has presented me with a challenge, but this one is, by far, the most exciting and rewarding..."

Music is by Alexandre Desplat with cinematography by Christophe Beaucarne.

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