Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Spielberg's "Extant": A Female Astronaut and Her 'Alien' Baby

Following on the success of Steven Spielberg's Amblin' Entertainment, developing and executive producing author Stephen King's "Under The Dome" for CBS, the network has picked up another Spielberg, futuristic sci fi thriller TV series titled "Extant", with the first of 13 episodes to debut later this summer.

The series is based on a script by Mickey Fisher, "...leading to events that will ultimately change the course of human history...", following a female astronaut struggling to adapt to life on earth after a year in space. 

She is pregnant with a baby that is part human and part alien, and has a human-like robot for a son. The family intrigue deepens in subsequent episodes and impacts world events.

"'Extant' is a very original concept with layers of humanity, mystery and surprise that reveal itself throughout the script", said Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment.

Spielberg, Fisher, Greg Walker, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank will executive produce the series, which CBS will distribute both domestically and overseas.

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