Monday, July 08, 2013

Comic Book "The Sword" To The Big Screen

According to reports, screenwriter David Hayter ("Watchmen") will adapt Image Comics' 4-volume graphic novel series "The Sword" by Jonathan and Joshua Luna, for Lakeshore Entertainment as a big screen feature:

"...'Dara Brighton', a disabled young girl leads a mundane existence until her family is found dead, victims of a supernatural trio of killers.

"Dara then discovers her father's ancient sword not only restores her ability to walk, but grants her a constantly evolving array of spectacular physical powers. 

"With her new weapon in hand, and two faithful friends at her side, Dara embarks on a journey to hunt down and destroy her family’s assassins..."

"David has a proven track record of bringing the multifaceted, beloved characters of graphic novels to mainstream audiences," said Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg, "and we’re excited that he’ll be joining us for 'The Sword'. 

"Lakeshore has a history of delivering large-scale genre films at a budget that enables our international independent distributors to participate, and 'The Sword' will provide that opportunity."

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