Monday, June 17, 2013

"Superman: Man Of Steel"- Hero Or Villain ?

'Film critics' not familiar with the comic book canon of 'Superman', seem to be collectively upset about the ending of "Man Of Steel":

In "Man Of Steel", 'Superman' is a reluctant executioner against a super-villain.

But the fact is the character has been killing villains since the Golden age of comic books, either knowingly killing, or allowing people to die.

During this era, Superman was responsible for the pre-meditated deaths of at least three or four people.

He also threatened to kill people often tossing aside gangsters over cliffs in ways that never explicitly showed death but clearly led to their death. 

In DC Comics after a mid-eighties reboot, Superman also killed 'Doomsday' and put to death several 'Kryptonian' criminals who had commited planetary genocide.

In "Mad Magazine's 'Superduperman' parody from the 1950's, Superman was also responsible for the death of  'Captain Marbles', by tricking him into punching himself in the face.

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