Friday, June 14, 2013

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" Casting Update

According to new reports, actor John C. Reilley has been cast in Marvel Studios upcoming "Guardians Of The Galaxy" feature as  'Rhomann Dey', leader of Marvel Comics' 'Nova Corps of Xandar' and one of its few survivors.

The character was  created by writer Marv Wolfman and illustrator John Buscema, debuting in Marvel Comics' "Nova" #1 (September 1976):

"...when the 'Warlord Zorr' attacked 'Xandar', he devastated it and killed many Xandarians including Dey's wife and child. Dey hunted Zorr and battled him. However, Zorr was too powerful for Dey and mortally wounded him.

"Dey flew to Earth ahead of Zorr and chose 'Richard Rider' as the new Nova transferring his power to him. Dey linked minds with Rider and explained to him the new powers he has received as well as the threat of Zorr on his planet.

"At first, Rider thought the encounter was a dream, but soon discovered his powers and accepted his role as Nova. While out testing them for the first time he ran into Zorr who was on a rampage in New York City. Nova decided to fulfill the one who gave him his powers dying wish and defeat Zorr. During the battle, Zorr was teleported away by Dey himself. Dey killed Zorr before he himself died, ready to join his family and friends in the afterlife..."

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