Sunday, May 26, 2013

Steve Ditko's "Captain Universe"

Marvel Comics' "Captain Universe: The Hero Who Could Be You", written by Gerry Conway with a cover by "Spider-Man" and "Doctor Strange" co-creator Steve Ditko, is available May 29, 2013:

"...'Captain Universe' has joined the 'Avengers'! But who — or what — is this cosmic hero? In times of crisis, the 'Enigma Force' manifests, empowering an innocent bystander to avert the catastrophe! 

"See Captain Universe touch the lives of an astronaut, twin sisters, a burglar, a troubled teen, a toddler, the college professor of 'Spider-Man' and a dog?! 

"It’s an all-star assemblage of the Uni-Power’s earliest appearances! Collecting "Marvel Spotlight" (1979) #9-11, "Marvel Fanfare") #25 (1982), "Web Of Spider-Man Annual" #5-6 (1989) and "What If?" #31 (1989)..."

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