Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rachel Weisz Gets "Bazaar"

Sneak Peek Oscar-winning English actress Rachel Weisz in the Spring 2013 edition of "Harper's Bazaar" (UK) magazine.

A former fashion model and classically-trained stage actress, Weisz started her film acting career in the British mini-series "Inspector Morse", followed by "Scarlet and Black" and the MOW "Advocates II". 

Weisz made her film d├ębut in the film "Death Machine" (1994), but her breakthrough performance was in the feature "Chain Reaction" (1996).

This led to her high-profile role as 'Evelyn Carnahan-O'Connell' in the films "The Mummy" (1999) and "The Mummy Returns" (2001). 

Other notable films include "Enemy at the Gates", "About a Boy", "Constantine", "The Fountain" and an Academy Award-winning performance as 'Tessa Quayle' in "The Constant Gardener".

In 2007 Weisz starred in "My Blueberry Nights", followed by "Fred Claus", "Definitely, Maybe" (2008), "The Brothers Bloom (2008), "Agora" (2009), "The Lovely Bones (2009), "The Whistleblower (2010), "The Deep Blue Sea (2011), "Dream House" (2011), "The Bourne Legacy" (2012), and "Oz The Great and Powerful" (2013).

Weisz' new film "Skinny and the Cat" (2014) is currently in pre-production.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Rachel Weisz in her Oscar-winning performance in "The Constant Gardener"...