Friday, April 12, 2013

"Once Upon A Time" The Graphic Novel

Sneak Peek Marvel's "Once Upon A Time" graphic novel, illustrated by Nimit Malaia, available September 4, 2013, following the events of the Season 1 episode "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter".

"We wanted to explore some new narrative territory that the show hadn't fully covered yet," said Marvel Comics' editor Emily Shaw. "'The Huntsman' was perfect. Fans love him, he's such a compelling character, but his background is still pretty mysterious. Especially when it comes to his servitude to 'Regina', the 'Evil Queen'."

The comic book story was developed by Dan Thomsen, co-producer of the Vancouver-lensed fantasy TV series and co-written by Corinna Bechko. Besides Malavia, illustrations are by Vasilis Lolos, Mike Del Mundo and Mike Henderson.

"Shadow of the Queen" is set in 'Fairy Tale Land', with 'The Queen' taking the 'Huntsman' prisoner after he let 'Snow White' escape rather than kill her, as Regina requested. "The Evil Queen is still on a rampage to destroy her nemesis," said Shaw. "We'll get to witness some important events from the Huntsman's past. Events that define him as a character and explore a new side to his relationship with the Evil Queen."

"We want to be true to the flavor and personality of our characters while still allowing our artists stylistic freedom to express themselves."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek the TV episode "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"...