Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mid-Day Matinee: "Invaders From Mars" (1953)

Take a look at the original 1953 science fiction feature "Invaders From Mars", directed by William Cameron Menzies, based on a story treatment by John Tucker Battle who was inspired by a dream recounted by his wife.

Produced independently by Edward L. Alperson Jr., the film stars Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter and Arthur Franz:

"...late one night, young 'David MacLean' (Hunt) is awakened by a thunderstorm. From his bedroom window he sees a large flying saucer descend and disappear into the sandpit area behind his home. After rushing to tell his parents, his scientist father (Leif Erickson) goes to investigate David's claim.

"When his father returns much later in the morning, David notices an unusual red puncture along the hairline on the back of his father's neck; his father is now behaving in a cold and hostile manner. David soon begins to realize something is very wrong: one-by-one he notices certain townsfolk are acting in exactly the same way. Through his telescope, David sees child neighbor 'Kathy Wilson' walking in the sandpit, when suddenly she disappears underground. David flees to the police station for help, and he is eventually placed under the protection of health-department physician 'Dr. Pat Blake' (Carter), who slowly begins to believe his crazy story..."

A new ending and additional scenes were added to the film in response to various objections raised by the film's British distributor, with portions of "Invaders" re-edited, and the original "was-it-all-just-a-nightmare?" ending dropped in favor of a more straightforward conclusion.

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