Friday, April 19, 2013

"Iron Man 3": Story Book Spoilers

Sneak Peek story spoilers from "Iron Man 3", as revealed by the "Iron Man 3: Movie Storybook" (hardcover) by Marvel Press Group and Disney Publishing Worldwide:

"...and 'Tony' and 'Rhodey' had yet another problem on their hands: 'Savin' was wearing the 'Iron Patriot' armor and was heading toward 'Air Force One'-for the President of the United States!..."

"...All of Tony's 'Iron Man' suits had come to save the day! There was 'Heatbreaker', 'Red Snapper', 'Silver Centurion', 'Bones', 'Shotgun' and 'Hammerhead'! Even 'Nightclub', 'Gemini' and the behemoth 'Igor' had come for a fight!  Wasting no time, the 'Iron Men' quickly attacked, firing 'Repulsor' beams and missiles at all of the super-powered 'Extremis' guards. Explosions rang out as armors were destroyed and Extremis guards were defeated.

"Meanwhile, 'Rhodey' ran off to rescue the President and reclaim the 'Iron Patriot' armor while 'Tony' went to save 'Pepper' from a particularly large and intimidating Extremis guard..."

"'Tony' snuck into the Miami mansion of the 'Mandarin'. Unfortunately, as he was about to confront the villain, he was knocked out from behind! He woke to find himself in a cell-with 'Rhodey'! Out of the shadows stepped 'Killian' and 'Maya'. 

"From them, Tony learned the Mandarin had the 'Iron Patriot' armor and that Killian and Maya were working for the villain! Killian cackled with delight, but Tony had a plan..." 

"...'Tony' turned to see two people charging toward them, but they didn't look like regular people. 'Savin' was glowing with energy and the hands of 'Brandt' were radiating heat. Using their enhanced abilities, they attacked Tony and 'Harley'!

"...yelling to Harley, Tony told him to use that silver capsule he gave him earlier. Harley did as instructed and threw the capsule at Savin. The capsule exploded, temporarily blinding Savin and allowing Harley to escape. Meanwhile, Brandt had Tony cornered. But just as she was about to attack, Tony pulled back his sleeve to reveal a makeshift Repulsor ray. 

"He fired a blast at Brandt, that knocked her across the street and into the snow!"

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