Thursday, April 11, 2013

New "Game Of Thrones" Episodes Revealed

Sneak Peek titles and story synopsis from three upcoming episodes of "Game Of Thrones: Season 3", based on the book "A Sword of Storms" by author George R.R. Martin.

In episode #3.06, titled "The Climb", airing May 5, 2013, written by David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and directed by Alik Sakharov :

"...'Tywin' plans strategic unions for the 'Lannisters'. 'Melisandre' pays a visit to the 'Riverlands'. 'Robb' weighs a compromise to repair his alliance with 'House Frey'. 'Roose Bolton' decides what to do with 'Jaime Lannister'. 'Jon', 'Ygritte' and the 'Wildlings face a daunting climb..."

In episode #3.07, titled "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", airing May 12, 2013, written by George R. R. Martin and directed by Michelle MacLaren :

"...'Dany' exchanges gifts with a slave lord outside of 'Yunkai'. As 'Sansa' frets about her prospects, 'Shae' chafes at 'Tyrion'and his new situation. 'Tywin' counsels the king, and 'Melisandre' reveals a secret to 'Gendry'. 'Brienne' faces a formidable foe in 'Harrenhal'..."

In episode #3.08, titled "Second Sons", airing May 19, 2013, written by David Benioff, D. B. Weiss and directed by Michelle MacLaren.

"...'King’s Landing' hosts a wedding and 'Tyrion' and 'Sansa' spend the night together. 'Dany' meets the 'Titan’s Bastard'. 'Davos' demands proof from 'Melisandre'. 'Sam' and 'Gilly' meet an older gentleman..."

The next episodes are titled "The Rains of Castamere", airing June 2, 2013, written by  David Benioff & D. B. Weiss, directed by David Nutter and "Mhysa", also written by Benioff & Weiss, directed by Nutter, airing June 9, 2013.

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