Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"The Client List: Unanswered Prayers"

Sneak Peek new footage and images from the episode "Unanswered Prayers" from Lifetime's "The Client List", starring and produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt, airing April 14, 2013 :

"...when 'Lewis Clark' (Adam Kaufman), a client of 'Riley' (Love Hewitt), mentions he has a connection to big time music agent, 'The Wolf' (Alex Alexander), Riley considers her forgotten dream of becoming a singer.

"'Lacey' (Rebecca Field) gets suspicious that 'Dale' (Greg Grunberg) has been living a secret life.

"Riley continues to work on the legal defense of 'Kyle' (Brian Hallisay) with his attorney 'Graham' (Marco Sanchez), but Kyle encounters some trouble with a fellow inmate that could jeopardize their efforts.

"Meanwhile, 'Evan' (Colin Egglesfield) continues training at the police academy and begins to get close to his fellow cadet, 'Shelby' (T.V. Carpio).

"And At the 'Rub of Sugarland', 'Selena' (Alicia Lagano) teases 'Derek' (Rob Mayes) about the frequency of massages booked by his client 'Lisa' (Sunny Mabrey)..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Client List: Unanswered Prayers"...