Sunday, April 21, 2013

Footage From "Castle: The Squab and the Quail"

Sneak Peek new footage, images and synopsis from the ABC crime drama series "Castle" and the episode titled "The Squab And The Quail", re-scheduled to air April 22, 2013, with guest star Ioan Gruffudd ("Fantastic Four"):

"...while 'Beckett' is assigned to protect 'Erik Vaughn', a charming billionaire entrepreneur whose life is in danger, she’s forced to reflect on her relationship with 'Castle' which has begun to plateau.

"Meanwhile, consumed with jealousy, Castle goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the case and separate the two of them..."

"Castle", produced by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios, was created by Andrew W. Marlowe, following the lies of 'Richard Castle' (Nathan Fillion), a best-selling mystery novelist and NYPD Detective 'Kate Beckett' (Stana Katic) as they solve various unusual crimes in New York City. 

Beckett is initially infuriated at the thought of working with a writer and goes to great lengths to keep him out of her way. However, the two soon start developing feelings for each other. The show focuses on the romantic tension between the two lead characters, and also on the unsolved homicide of Beckett's mother.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Castle: The Squab and the Quail"...