Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Rogue" TV Series Revealed

Sneak Peek new images and footage from DirectTV's first original dramatic series titled "Rogue, starring Thandie Newton, premiering April, 2013:

"...'Grace Travis' (Newton) is a wife, mother of two, and the bay area's best undercover detective. She's adept at transitioning between suburban life and the Oakland docks where she's been embedded for months with a criminal enterprise run by 'James "Jimmy" Laszlo' and his sons, 'Max' and 'Alec'. 

"Grace is abruptly pulled out of the field when her son, 'Sam', is killed in a drive by shooting. Her life is shattered.

"Four months later, the investigation into Sam's death has gone cold. Grace, guilt-ridden and unable to accept the loss, has begun to search for answers. With the help of her mentor, 'Mitch', a link is uncovered between Sam's death and Jimmy Laszlo's organization.

"Unable to convince her superiors that she is fit for duty, Grace goes 'ROGUE' slipping back undercover as 'Jackie Hays' in Laszlo's gang. When Laszlo discovers Grace's true identity, through a mole in the police department, they make an unholy alliance. 

"Someone close to Laszlo has been working against him. He's willing to spare Grace's life, and help her find Sam's killer, if she helps him uncover the traitor in his organization. 

"It's a deal she can't refuse..."

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