Friday, February 15, 2013

"X-Men: If This Be Modok" ?

According to "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" director Bryan Singer, Emmy Award winning actor Peter Dinklage ("Game of Thrones") has been cast in the "X-Men" movie sequel, prepping to shoot in Montreal.

Speculation suggests that Dinklage could either play the character  'Bolivar Trask' creator of the robot 'Sentinels' or the fan-favorite living brain known as  'MODOK' :

Created by writer Stan Lee and illustrator/co-writer Jack Kirby, 'Bolivar Trask' debuted in Marvel Comics' "Uncanny X-Men" #14 (November 1965):

"...'Bolivar Trask' was an anthropologist who saw the rise of mutants as a threat to humanity. Bolivar was also the father of 'Larry Trask', who ironically is revealed to be a mutant 'precognitive'. Bolivar had realized this, and gave his son a medallion which suppresses his power. Bolivar's other child, 'Tanya', was also a mutant and her ability to travel through time causes her to vanish. 

"Bolivar decides that humanity has to fight back against the mutants and develops robotic guardians for humanity, known as the 'Sentinels'. Professor Charles Xavier' invites Trask for a public debate on human/mutant relations.

"Xavier's arguments that mutants were just like humans did not convince Trask and he reveals his 'Sentinels'. But Trask and his scientists created a too adaptive, open-ended tactical/strategic programming for the robots and as a result the Sentinels turn against him, claiming they are superior to humans. 

"The Sentinels left with Trask and brought him to his first creation, the 'Master Mold', who orders him to construct more Sentinels. To stop the Sentinels, Xavier summons his X-Men...". 

MODOK, although a compelling character may be a stretch considering he is part of the "Iron Man", "Captain America" Marvel Studios (Disney) Universe, whereas "The X-Men" are with Fox.

The comic book character 'MODOK' ('Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing') was created by writer Stan lee and illustrator Jack Kirby, debuting in Marvel Comics' "Tales of Suspense" #93 (September 1967). MODOK has also appeared in other Marvel-endorsed products including video games, animated TV series and merchandise including trading cards and toys.

The original MODOK was 'George Tarleton', a technician for the organization 'Advanced Idea Mechanics' (AIM). Following their creation of the 'Cosmic Cube', AIM scientists used advanced mutagenics to alter Tarleton and create the super intelligent 'MODOC' ('Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing') to study and improve the Cube. MODOC, however, kills his former masters, taking control of AIM and renaming himself 'MODOK' ('Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing').

Seeking world domination, his powers include superhuman intelligence, including a computer-like memory, the ability to scour and retain large databanks of information and the ability to solve abstract mathematical problems instantaneously. He also has the ability to calculate the mathematical probability of any given event, bordering on precognition, has psionic powers enabling him to mentally control both individuals and large groups and can generate force fields able to withstand minor nuclear explosions.

Courtesy of AIM technology, MODOK wears a headband that enables him to focus his mental power into a devastating beam. However, a side effect of the mutation was the growth of Tarleton's head to the point whereby his body could no longer support the weight, necessitating the use of an exoskeleton and hoverchair, equipped with a variety of weapons including missiles and lasers.

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