Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Kick-Ass" Creator Finds His "Nemesis"

Director Joe Carnahan ("The Grey") and his brother Matthew are currently adapting a screenplay of "Kick-Ass" comic book creator Mark Millar's limited Icon series "Nemesis" for the big screen :

"...supervillain 'Nemesis' blows up a building in Tokyo, killing a SWAT team. In Washington, D.C., the FBI informs metro police 'Chief Inspector Blake Morrow' that Nemesis is targeting him next. Morrow has his family, put in protective custody. Later, Nemesis soon hijacks Air Force One over the District of Columbia, taking the United States president hostage.

"Nemesis reveals to his henchmen that his real name is 'Matt Anderson' and his father committed suicide after Officer Blake Morrow tried to imprison him. Matt was later adopted by his uncle. Bored of well-behaviour and less excitement, Anderson travelled the world to learn the ways of crime, hoping to fulfil his mother's dying wish to have Morrow killed..."

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