Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Django Unchained" - Go Figure

Sneak Peek six of the collectible "Django Unchained" official series of NECA dolls available for pre-order here :

"...faithful to their western looks in Quentin Tarantino's movie 'Django Unchained', the 8-inch tall action figures in this case make great gifts for fans and collectors alike.

"Each case contains 10 individually packaged action figures. 

"Characters that appear in the case include 'Calvin Candie' (Leonardo DiCaprio), 'Stephen' (Samuel L. Jackson), 'Django' (Jamie Foxx), 'Broomhilda'  (Kerry Washington), 'Butch Pooch' (James Remar) and 'Dr. King Schultz' (Christoph Waltz). 

"Tailored fabric clothing, authentic weapons and accessories make these Django Unchained 8-inch tall poseable action figures quality collectibles..."

Click the images to enlarge, click here to pre-order  and Sneak Peek "Django Unchained"...