Monday, October 08, 2012

Agyness Deyn Opens Up For The "Pusher"

Sneak Peek supermodel, actress Agyness Deyn ("Clash Of The Titans")  in director Luis Preto's English-language remake of director Nicholas Winding Refn's film of a bad week in the life of a dumb drug dealer, featuring slick neon cinematography and 1980's era synth music.

Agyness co-stars as 'Flo', the junkie hooker, stripper girlfriend of drug pusher (Richard Coyle). 

"I shadowed a woman who works in the London strip club scene," said Deyn about researching her role for "Pusher". "She's amazing at her job. 

"With modeling, you're on your own a lot. But with acting, you're right there with all of these people and you feel safe. It was an experience that I was longing for..."

"...'Pusher' tells the story of a week in the life of 'Frank' (Richard Coyle), a mid-level drug dealer in London,UK.

"Frank’s life is a fun-filled roller-coaster of a ride that soon spins out of control, after he becomes responsible for replacing a large missing stash. 

"Friendships start to vanish, there is no longer room for love within his life and violence takes over. Danger and chaos are all around and he becomes a man trapped in his own world. Eventually Frank is left with no one to turn to and nowhere to go, becoming a man  with the fear of knowing there is no way of preventing his inevitable fate..."

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