Sunday, September 02, 2012

"The Client List": Enter Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sneak Peek more promotional images and video of actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, starring in and executive producing the Lifetime 'massage parlor' TV series "The Client List".

A follow-up to the 2011 "The Client List" TV movie, based on a true story, Hewitt plays 'Samantha Horton', a former Texas homecoming queen/physical therapist.

She turns to a different life to help her family survive the recession.

When Samantha and her husband both lose their jobs, she accepts a position at a massage parlor, unaware that the business is a front for a call girl ring, servicing a wealthy clientele.

Hewitt also executive produces "The Client List".

"We walk a very classy line of telling the story and doing it with integrity," said Hewitt about the series. 

"Right now, more women than ever are going into the sex industry due to the tough economic times.

"They want to feel like they're contributing somehow to their family..."

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