Monday, September 03, 2012

"Star Trek: Captain Worf"- The TV Series

Actor Michael Dorn says he is close to reprising his 'Klingon' "Star Trek" role into a TV series spinoff, tentatively titled "Star Trek: Captain Worf".

The alien 'Worf', born of Klingon blood into the 'House of Mogh', was raised by human foster parents and joined 'Starfleet' for his education, becoming 'Chief of Security' aboard the 'U.S.S. Enterprise D'.

Worf appeared on "The Next Generation" TV series throughout its seven-season run, then became a "Deep Space Nine" TV series regular for he last four seasons. The character also appeared in all four "Next Generation' features, with Dorn also playing Worf’s grandfather, 'Colonel Worf' in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country".

 "We’ve been contacted by different individuals," said Dorn, "about wanting to come on board and be part of this. Interestingly enough it has gotten traction. At this point, my agents and my manager are looking at all the avenues and trying to figure out which is the best one...they’re very savvy about where to start and how to get it going."

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