Thursday, September 13, 2012

Get Chicks With Seth MacFarlane's Talking "Ted" Plush Bear

Just as Universal confirms plans for a sequel to Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" feature comedy, pre-order here the official 16 inch, 1:1 scale,  R-Rated Talking Plush "Ted" Bear w/ Moving Mouth   voiced by MacFarlane, including the following 5 filthy phrases from the movie:

 "Yeah, I mean, y-you know when you sewed me up you put some of the stuffing in the wrong places so I'm-I'm a little f@!#ed up, but will you take care of me for ever and ever?... Aha! I'm just kidding you! I thought it'd be funny if you thought I was f@!#ing retarded.

"You ever hear a Boston girl have an orgasm? "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Harder! Harder! Oh, God, that was so good! Now I'm gonna stuff my f@!#in' face with Pepperidge Farm."

"Well you never should've trusted me, I'm on drugs!

"Alright c'mon, let's sing the Thunder Song...When you hear the sound of thunder, don't you get too scared. Just grab your Thunder Buddy and say these magic words: F@!# you, Thunder! You can suck my d@!#. You can't get me, Thunder, 'cause you're just God's farts (makes fart noise). 

"Oh f@!# that, it's been 4 years, Johnny! You and me have been together for 27 years; where's my ring, huh? Where's my ring, @!#hole? Where's my ring, mother f@!#er? Put it on my fuzzy finger, you f@!#! C'mon! "

Ted 16-Inch R-Rated Talking Plush Teddy Bear w/ Moving Mouth

Click the little "Ted" to order and Sneak Peek "Ted"...