Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marvel's "Ant-Man" Bugs Out In New Video

Sneak Peek a new fan-created storyboard re-creating writer/director Edgar Wright’s, soon-to-be-released test-reel for the developing Marvel Studios "Ant-Man" comedy feature, co-written by Joe Cornish ("Attack The Block").

Marvel's Kevin Feige confirmed that the studio's developing "Ant-Man" property, based on the Marvel Comics character is in the pipeline to be adapted as a major motion picture, with Wright's  test-reel designed to help get the film a green light for early 2013.

"It’s as close as it’s ever been," said Feige about "Ant-Man". "Edgar (Wright) is getting excited to get behind the camera again and start some advanced prep work for 'Ant-Man'. We are going to take some forward steps in a few months that will bring it closer than ever."

created in 1962 by writer Stan Lee and illustrator Jack Kirby for Marvel's "Tales to Astonish" #35.

Scientist 'Dr. Henry Pym' invented methods for an individual to be reduced in size, as well as a 'cybernetic' helmet to control insects with feelers, specifically ants.

The second Ant-Man was 'Scott Lang', a thief who reformed with the aid of Pym and 'Iron Man', becoming an affiliate of the Fantastic Four and full-time member of the 'Avengers'.

'Eric O'Grady', the third Ant-Man was a low-level agent of counter-terrorism organization 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', before he stole the Ant-Man armor " get chicks."

Director Wright, who researched 'nanotechnology' for the "Ant-Man" feature, plans to deliver "a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element".

Both Pym and Lang will appear in Wright's film, with Pym as Ant-Man in his 1960's guise and a flashforward to the present with Lang as Ant-Man's successor.

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