Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Eddie Murphy Doing "Beverly Hills Cop" TV

CBS confirms that a "Beverly Hills Cop" spin-off TV pilot has been greenlit by Sony Pictures Television, from "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan and executive producer Eddie Murphy.

Murphy will also reprise his role as fast-talking 'Axel Foley' in the potential series as a veteran streetwise Detroit cop, who now mentors his police officer son.

"Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit," Murphy said.

Ryan will write the pilot, planned as an hour police procedural, blending action and comedy.

The original "Beverly Hills Cop' released in 1984, was directed by Martin Brest, from a story and screenplay by Daniel Petrie Jr., starring Murphy, Lisa Eilbacher, John Ashton, Judge Reinhold, and Ronny Cox :

"...'Axel Foley' (Murphy) is a young, talented, but reckless Detroit police detective who had previously been a delinquent. His latest act of attempting to catch crooks through an unauthorized cigarette smuggling sting operation goes sour when some uniformed officers show up, resulting in a high-speed chase through the city streets which earns him the wrath of his boss, 'Inspector Douglas Todd' (Gilbert R. Hill).

"Axel's childhood friend and former criminal cohort, 'Mikey Tandino' (James Russo), shows up in his apartment (by breaking in) and tells him he is working in Beverly Hills, California, as a security guard, through the efforts of a mutual friend, 'Jenny Summers' (Lisa Eilbacher).

"After going out to have a few drinks, both men return drunk to Axel's apartment, where Axel is knocked unconscious and Mikey is confronted by two thugs, questioning him about some missing bonds he had shown Axel earlier. Mikey is then murdered. After being refused the investigation because of his close ties to Mikey, Axel uses the guise of taking vacation time to head to Beverly Hills to ascertain the motive and solve the crime..."

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