Sunday, August 12, 2012

Go To "Hell On Wheels"- Season 2

Sneak Peek the gritty post-Civil War Western drama "Hell on Wheels"- Season 2, debuting Sunday August 12, 2012, starring Anson Mount as 'Cullen Bohannon', a Confederate Army veteran whose search for the Union soldiers responsible for the wartime death of his wife takes him to the untamed frontier of the American West.

The violent cowboy/gunfighter series set alongside the historical building of the 'Transcontinental Railroad', will have a 10-episode run in the new season, with one episode directed by Catherine Hardwicke ("Twilight").

Returning cast includes Common as 'Elam Ferguson', Colm Meaney as 'Thomas Doc Durant', Dominique McElligott as 'Lily Bell', Christopher Heyerdahl as 'The Swede', Robin McLeavy as 'Eva', Tom Noonan ("Manhunter") as 'Reverend Cole', Ben Esler as 'Sean McGinnes', Philip Burke as 'Mickey McGinnes' and Eddie Spears as 'Joseph Black Moon'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Hell On Wheels" - Season 2 ...