Monday, July 09, 2012

'Dominatrix' vs 'Zipper'

KISS owner Gene Simmons is relaunching his Simmons Comics Group, previously with IDW Publishing and now placed back into his control. Each character will now be developed for either, live-action, animation or video game properties.

Simmons debuted a new "Simmons Comics Anthology" gathering up all the sado-masochistic, bondage fantasy comic books originally created by Simmons Comics, including the first issues of "Zipper', "Dominatrix" and "House of Horrors", as well as the first chapter of a new 'crossover' event, titled "The Slave Trade", written by Erik Hendrix and illustrated by Yannis Roumboulias.

"We intend on using the finest artists and writers in the comic book medium," said Simmons. "This is just the beginning."

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