Sunday, July 15, 2012

Marvel Launching Live-Action "Guardians Of The Galaxy"

Its now official ! Further to Sneak Peek's first report in 2011, Marvel Studios is prepping to produce a live-action "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie, based on the Marvel comic book.

With a first draft screenplay by Nicole Perlman, "Guardians Of The Galaxy" is slated for a Disney release August 2014.

The events of the story will reportedly connect with the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' and the developing "Avengers 2" .

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" debuted in "Marvel Super-Heroes" #18 (Jan. 1969).

Set in the 31st century, the 'Guardians' are 'Major Vance Astro', an astronaut from 20th century Earth placed in suspended animation, 'Martinex T'Naga', a 'crystalline' creature from Pluto, 'Captain Charlie-27', a soldier from Jupiter and 'Yondu Udonta', a blue-skinned savage from 'Beta Centauri IV'.

Each Guardian is the last of their kind, forced to unite as a team against the 'Badoon' aliens who attack Earth's solar system.

The Guardians defeat the Badoon, then face 'Korvac', a creation of the Badoon.

"After teaming with 'Thor' to defeat Korvac in the 31st century, the Guardians chase Korvac to 20th century Earth, where together with the 'Avengers' they fight a final battle.

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