Friday, July 13, 2012

"Demoted" To The Secretarial Pool

From Anchor Bay Entertainment comes a new DVD release of director J. B. Rogers, 2011 comedy "Demoted".

"...'Rodney' (Michael Vartan) and 'Mike' (Sean Astin) are a pair of irresponsible, hard-partying corporate tire salesmen. But when their beloved boss dies after a wild night at a strip club, the dweeb colleague (David Cross) they’ve been tormenting for years gets promoted to the top position. And for his first order of business, he’ll demote Rodney and Mike to the female secretarial pool.

"Can two chauvinist pranksters now find a way to become 'one of the girls' as well as sensitive guys, while plotting the ultimate revenge against a nerd-turned-tyrant?..."

Co-starring Celia Weston, Sara Foster, Ron White, Constance Zimmer, Cleo King and Robert Klein.

Click the image to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Demoted"...