Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Blade Runner" Sequel: Ridley Scott Reveals A Scene

Director Ridley Scott recently revealed a scene  from his upcoming sequel to "Blade Runner".

Previously, Scott said he would be delighted if original "Blade Runner" actor Harrison Ford would be part of the sequel (most likely to disprove the notion that 'Deckard' was a 'replicant' with a short lifespan. In the sequel Deckard could be an aging, grizzled man, still broken up over the death of his replicant lover, as he is stumbled upon by younger replicant-hunting protagonists, that convince the former 'one-man slaughterhouse', to take another kick at the can ?)

Here is what Scott said about the "Blade Runner" sequel :

"...there’ll be a vast farmland where there are no hedges or anything in sight, and it’s flat like the plains of—where’s the Great Plains in America? Kansas, where you can see for miles. And it’s dirt, but it’s being raked. On the horizon is a combine harvester which is futuristic with klieg lights, ‘cause it’s dawn. The harvester is as big as six houses. In the foreground is a small white clapboard hut with a porch as if it was from 'Grapes of Wrath'. From the right comes a car, coming in about six feet off the ground being chased by a dog. And that’s the end of it, I’m not gonna tell you anything else..."

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