Sunday, June 17, 2012

'Catwoman' Has "Allure"

From TorontoCatWoman.Com, Sneak Peek actress Anne Hathaway, aka 'Selina Kyle', the 'Catwoman' from "The Dark Knight Rises", in a new fashion spread for "Allure" magazine, timed to the film's release, July 2012.

"I kind of got my big break with 'The Princess Diaries'," said Hathaway. 

"And during the press rounds for that everyone asked me: 'Did you always want to be a princess growing up?' 

"And the truth was, no I wanted to be 'Catwoman'. 

"And I think a lot of women feel that way. 

"The fact that I am actually her is such a dream come true.

"She's one of my favorite characters in the comic book world and in the movie world. 

"I love Catwoman’s sense of humor. I love how sly she is. I love how she, to use a cat metaphor, walks the fence and you don’t know which side she’s going to come down on. She’s totally independent. And let’s face it, she’s badass.

"I always thought I was pretty healthy and I always thought I had worked hard in the gym and it turns out that what I thought was hard, in Catwoman’s world, is actually light to moderate.

"But I’ve had to ratchet everything up. I have the most incredible stuntwoman in the world and she’s got me and the character to another level.

"The stunt department are all phenomenal fighters and I’ve just been mimicking them and doing whatever they tell me to do. I do all sorts of kicks. I do a roundhouse kick, I think its all mixed martial arts. I don’t know what the martial arts technique is called but I’ve been doing it in heels!"

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