Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Orbit Revolves Around "Young Justice: Legacy"

Games publisher Little Orbit and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirm that the upcoming "Young Justice: Legacy' video game, is on course to ship early 2013 for PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii and the Nintendo DS hand held system.

"The new video game contains a slew of cool features and a large playable cast of familiar heroes," said Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit.

"But our core mission is to create a unique experience that fits seamlessly into the world of the show and offers a new way to interact with these popular 'DC Comics' characters." 

The Warner Bros. Animation series "Young Justice" debuted March 3, 2012 on Cartoon Network as part of "DC Nation", the network's one-hour block of exclusive kids' television programming and shorts based on DC Comics' characters :

" 'Young Justice', teenage heroes 'Robin', 'Aqualad', 'Kid Flash', 'Superboy', 'Miss Martian' and 'Artemis' are tasked by the 'Justice League' to act as their covert operations team.

"Armed with superior skills, weaponry and powers, the team must do battle against a wide array of villains from the 'DC Universe' while trying to prove to themselves, and to their superhero mentors, that they too have what it takes to be a hero. Their journey is further complicated when they face the many unpredictable obstacles that arise in their path from inexperience and youth..."

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