Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Fleming" Was The Real 'James Bond'

K5 Films, PalmStar Media Capital, Liberty Films and the estate of 'James Bond' author Ian Fleming, are planning a feature based on the 1996 biography "Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond", with Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) attached to direct :

"...sportsman, womanizer, naval commander, world-traveler, and spy, the creator of the Cold War's archetypal secret agent was infinitely more complex and interesting than his iconic fictional character, 'Agent 007'.

"Fleming's wide-ranging and exciting life inevitably provided the plausible backdrop for his 'Bond' novels.

"Highly regarded in British naval intelligence for his international contacts, he master-minded numerous top secret operations, including 'Golden Eye', uncovered here for the first time. 

"He was also fundamental in shaping the prototype CIA. Two months before his wedding to Ann O'Neill, the widow of a friend with whom he'd carried on a passionate affair for fifteen years, Fleming sat down to write his first book, 'Casino Royale', in order to soothe his nerves. Thus began the long line of Bond novels for which he would earn lasting fame..."

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