Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Does 'Ms. Marvel' Stack Up Against "The Avengers" ?

Thanks to TorontoCatWoman.Com, take a look at 'Carol Danvers'', aka 'Ms Marvel', one of Marvel Comics' 'empowered' female "Avengers" past and present, that could be in consideration for the developing Disney/Marvel 3D feature "The Avengers 2".

Created by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gene Colan, the non-powered 'Carol Danvers' debuted as a member of the United States Air Force in "Marvel Super-Heroes" #13 (March 1968) and as 'Ms. Marvel', via a fusion of alien 'Kree' and human genes, in "Ms. Marvel" #1 (January 1977).

Carol has also been known as 'Binary' and 'Warbird' at various points in her history, and has featured in other Marvel-endorsed products including video games, animated television series and merchandise.

The 200th issue of the "Avengers' proved controversial when Carol  was kidnapped by 'Marcus', the son of the villain 'Immortus' and abducted to an alternate dimension, where she was impregnated, then released to give birth to a child on Earth. After several more team and solo appearances, Carol rejoined the "Avengers" as 'Warbird', while battling alcoholism and struggling to come to terms with the loss of her cosmic powers and memories. She was soon suspended from active duty.

Carol then featured as 'Captain Marvel' in a 'false reality' created by mutant (and former Avenger) the 'Scarlet Witch', pandering to Carol's subconscious desire to be accepted.

The character also cut a deal with 'Tony Stark', now a director of 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', to lead a covert strike team called 'Operation: Lightning Storm', with its designated mission to eliminate 'supervillains' before they can become unstoppable global threats.

July 2012 Carol Danvers will be promoted to the rank of  'Captain Marvel' in a new ongoing series from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrator Dexter Soy, reflecting on what the legend of Captain Marvel means to Danvers and what the rest of the 'Marvel Universe' thinks of her new role.

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