Friday, January 13, 2012

Sneak Peek The Season Finale Of "Hell On Wheels"

Sneak Peek the season finale of AMC's Alberta-lensed, post-Civil War, western TV series "Hell On Wheels", from the episode, "God of Chaos".

Written by Joe & Tony Gayton, "God Of Chaos" is directed by David Von Ancken, airing on AMC January 15, 2012 :

"...a new life for 'Cullen' on the railroad is put in jeopardy when he is forced to choose between his past and his future..."

Created by Joe & Tony Gayton, developed by Endemol, "Hell On Wheels" is set in post-Civil War America, following former Confederate soldier 'Cullen Bohannan' (Anson Mount), whose " for vengeance" has led him westward to work on the construction of the first US cross-country railroad.

"...'Hell on Wheels' tells the epic story of post-Civil War America, focusing on a Confederate soldier (Mount) who sets out to exact revenge on the Union soldiers who killed his wife.

"His journey takes him west to 'Hell On Wheels,' a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town that travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, an engineering feat unprecedented for its time.

"The series examines the railroad's institutionalized greed and corruption, the immigrant experience, and the plight of the newly emancipated African-Americans during reconstruction.

"Over time, 'Hell on Wheels' chronicles this potent turning point in US history, and how uncivilized the business of civilization can be..."

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