Friday, December 23, 2011

More Comic Book Adaptations In Development

Despite its latest comic book to film adaptation, Universal's "Cowboys & Aliens", budgeted at $163 million, earning a worldwide total gross of $174,822,325, comic book publishers Platinum Studios is intent on co-producing more comic book properties into films.

"Unique" is at Disney, with producer David Heyman:

"...convinced all his life that he was schizophrenic, 'Jon Geoffries' discovers that he’s actually "Unique" - a person endowed with the ability to move between parallel dimensions. Now he’s the target of a ruthless organization that plans to use Jon to control the fate of billions...or is he just plain crazy?..."

"Vice" is with producer Andrew Lazar:

"...hard-core teen felons join the FBI's 'Critical Response Unit' as a way to clear their records. But their bad attitudes and formidable powers make them as dangerous as the bad guys they pursue..."

"Blood Nation" is with producer Alexandra Milchan:

"...'Blood Nation' is a world war movie set in the future where the humans and the vampires have divided up the planet but not yet made peace with each other..."

"Nightfall" is with producer William Stuart:

"...when 'David Paxton' is sent to a tough Texas prison, he has no idea that it’s secretly run by vampires. The guards and warden prey on the inmates, confident that their victims can’t get away, and that no one would believe them if they did. Paxton’s sole hope of survival is an uneasy alliance with a ruthless killer named 'Robbart' -- and a desperate prison riot that is their only chance of escape..."

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