Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gear Up For Spielberg's "Robopocalypse""

Reports confirm that director Steven Spielberg will shoot the science fiction thriller "Robopocalypse", in Montreal, cutting a deal with Montreal film studio Mel's Cite du Cinema for the $200-million film, based on the best-selling novel by author Daniel H. Wilson.

Construction will begin on sets March 2012, with filming starting July and wrapping in September, for co-producers Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks.

Published June 8, 2011, the robots of "Robopocalypse" were inspired by real-world robotics research :

"...In the near future, an increasingly robot-reliant society faces extinction after a computer scientist accidentally unleashes a sentient artificial intelligence named 'Archos', that becomes 'self aware' and immediately takes steps to stop his own destruction. By infecting all devices that are chip controlled (cars, elevators, robots, etc), Archos begins a systematic attack on mankind.

"Small bands of survivors find ways to circumvent the eradication. This is a story of those survivors in the months and days leading up to and following Archos' self-awareness..."

The film, jointly financed by 20th Century Fox and Spielberg's DreamWorks, will be released in North America through Touchstone Pictures July 3, 2013, with Fox handling international distribution.

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