Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frears Takes Another Shot @ "The Hit"

According to reports director Stephen Frears ("Prick Up Your Ears") , screenwriter Peter Prince and producer Jeremy Thomas will reunite to remake their 1984 crime feature "The Hit", with a considerably bigger budget than the original.

Although the original film was located primarily in a remote Spanish village, Frears intends to shoot his remake in Mexico and the US.

Premise follows ruthless London gangster 'Willie Parker' (Terrence Stamp) who gives evidence against his criminal compatriots in return for a very generous offer from police.

Ten years later, Parker lives in comfortable retirement in Spain until four Spanish youths kidnap him and deliver him to two hitmen hired by the kingpin that Parker helped put away.

'Braddock' (John Hurt) is a world weary veteran, while 'Myron' (Tim Roth) is his hot-tempered apprentice. Parker quickly adopts a carefree demeanor, claiming that he's had ten years to accept death as a simple part of life.

He follows the hitmen to a safe house, where they are surprised to find 'Harry' (Bill Hunter), an Australian gangster, squatting there with his young Spanish girlfriend 'Maggie' (Laura del Sol).

The group then heads to Paris, where the kingpin that Parker testified against is waiting for his arrival...

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