Friday, December 02, 2011

"The Invisible Woman" : The Dickens You Say

Author Claire Tomalin's novel "The Invisible Woman', recounting a hidden affair between author Charles Dickens and his mistress 'Nelly Ternan' will be adapted for the big screen by Ralph Fiennes ("Coriolanus") starring actress Felicity Jones ("Like Crazy").

Part social history and part detective story, "The Invisible Woman" focuses on 'Ellen (Nelly) Ternan', the love of author Charles Dickens’ life, from their first meeting in 1857, when she was eighteen years old and he was forty-five.

Their relationship, maintained in secrecy until his death thirteen years later, then later suppressed, did not become public knowledge until the 1930’s.

When relations with his wife 'Catherine' became increasingly strained, a theatrical production brought Dickens into contact with the 'Ternan' family, with Dickens taking an immediate infauation with youngest daughter Nellie.

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